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Pastor Judd is a 2003 graduate of NEB, 2007 graduate of Eastern University with a major in Youth Ministry and Minor in Biblical Studies. He’s also a 2013 graduate from Grand Canyon University with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. 

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What is a Woman of Faith?

What is a Woman of Faith?

The Bible has many stories of women of faith. These are women that when you read the Bible you yearn to be like them. The woman that bleeds, Hannah and others are examples that we can only hope to be like. Be lifted up women of faith!

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The Man of God

The Man of God

The man of God is something that all of us men hope that we will be remembered for. We desire to be a warrior and we want to be the man of God that leaves a legacy for others to follow. Join me as we look at what a man of God is.

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Purpose is something that we don’t often give a thought to. We take things for granted and we just continue on with out life. What if we begin to talk about your purpose. In this first post I talk about the purpose of this blog and how it could impact you. Come join!

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